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The Pulp and Paper industry faces many challenges, one among the biggest is the management of bulk materials that range in consistency and wetness. The conveyors design help pulp and paper industry from the debarking, chipping, stack out, all the way to the dig esters to produce the fine pulp and paper from the industry.


Benefits of Conveyor System:


Conveyors safely supplies materials from one level to another in the manufacturing process, comparing to a human labour it is less time taking with low expenditure.

They can be easily installed anywhere, and are much safer than forklift or another machines that move materials.

They can transfer loads of all shapes, sizes and weights with many advanced safety features that help preventing accidents.

There are many options available for running a conveyor system, which includes the hydraulic, mechanical and fully automated systems, equipped by choice to fit the industrial needs.

Drag chain Conveyors:


A drag conveyor is a link of chains to drag material along the bottom of the machinery. With the flights fixed between two strands of chains, which drags the materials from the feeding range. Usually, drag conveyors have used to move the bulk or large materials in various mediums like bins or flights, or other attachments of dragging mediums. Tubular drag conveyors are fully enclosed chain system to convey product in any direction.




Dust-proof, weather-proof housing that can be gas tight

Handle materials with minimal product degradation

Only two lubrication points for easy maintenance

Chains are totally enclosed and inherently safe

Features a segmental drive sprocket design allows tooth replacement without removal of the drive shaft

Custom High-Temperature Conveyor Manufacturing

High-Temperature Conveyor If severe, high-temperature conditions are common at your industrial plant, you need a conveyor that will perform reliably day after day.

BOOTEC high-temperature conveyors are engineered to order for specific applications and requirements. We can provide a high-temperature conveyor that has been designed and manufactured for your specific needs and will accomplish your bulk material handling goals in high temperatures and environments of extreme abrasion and corrosion.


We offer all types of conveyor options, including:

Bucket elevators

Screw conveyors

Apron conveyors

Drag conveyors

Pan conveyors

Belt conveyors


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