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Conveying solutions by BOOTEC include tailored transport systems for the optimization of materials handling processes in the pulp and paper industry. We supply conveyor systems which are used for the storage,processing and handling of raw materials and residues. Additionally, we offer individual solutions for the thermal utilization of waste from paper recycling.


Unnecessary downtimes and obstructions during the handling of moist, sticky and resinous substances are prevented by using stationary or mobile belt cleaning systems. Depending on the application, closed conveyor systems such as flexible pipe conveyors or curve-negotiable closed loop conveyors (up to 180°) are also suitable for pulp and sludge handling. We counter flow problems and material losses during the handling of light and dry products (wood chips, etc.) by using vibratory feeders and innovative transfer solutions.


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A scraper conveyor is a type of flight conveyor. It consists of a trough in which a continuous driven chain with flights is running. The flights are scraping the material over the bottom of the casing. The material is moving forward to the discharge point.

The design is ideal for slower transportation speeds over short distances, on moderate inclines, or even under water.

We use forked chains, round link chains as well as box scraper chains as a chain type. According to the product and load, we use single as well as double strand versions.

Drag Chain Conveyor

The BOOTEC Drag Chain Conveyor type has proved itself as a solution for environmentally friendly transportation of challenging bulk materials for many years all over the world. It is often used for mill feeding and filter dust handling.

Functions and characteristics

Forged and surface hardened fork link chains

Available in single or double chain design

High tensile strength

Reinforced sprockets (particularly in areas of high wear)

Flights can be selected according to bulk material properties

Horizontal, inclined or vertical conveying is possible

Non-slip material transportation

Dust-tight components also available in gas-tight, pressure-tight and water-tight design


Drag Conveyor Applications

Since 2007, BOOTEC has been providing custom drag conveyors for a wide array of industries, including power and utilities, chemicals, agriculture, and construction. Our drag conveyors come in a wide variety of chains, liners, flighting options, and drives that are specifically suited to withstand abrasion, corrosion, and extreme heat. Our industrial drag conveyors can be utilized for:


Bottom and fly ash



Wood chips

Sludge cake

Hot lime

They also fit a variety of classifications, including:


En-masse conveyors

Grit collectors


Submerged chain conveyors

Round bottom conveyors


Bulk handling

Bulk handling is the engineering field around the design of equipment used for the handling of materials in loose bulk form.

The purpose of a bulk handling system is to transport material from one of several locations to an ultimate destination. The material can even be processed during its transportation, such as mixing, heating or cooling…

Examples of bulk handling systems are scraper conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, apron conveyors, conveyor belts,…

Bulk handling is used in different industries: wood chips, cement plants, flour mills, coal fired power plants, waste treatment, solid chemistry, paper mills, steel industry, etc…



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