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Pulp & Paper Conveying Equipment

Paper products are made from wood pulp, cellulose fibers or recycled newsprint and paper. Wood chips and many different chemicals are used in the paper making process. These bulk materials are conveyed, metered, elevated and stored using equipment made by BOOTEC. Our equipment is ideal for the pulp and paper industry. Tree bark is a by-product from the paper making process and is used as a fuel to fire boilers for the pulping process. The bark is extremely abrasive and requires special design considerations. BOOTEC designs and manufactures bark bins and live-bottom feeders using chromium carbide surfaced plate to resist abrasion.






Chain Conveyors:


A chain conveyor system is powered by a continuous chain which are primarily utilized to transport heavy loads. Chain conveyor systems are generally manufactured with a single strand configuration. However, now, multiple strand configurations are also available in the market.




Chain conveyors work simple and exceptionally durable.

Chain conveyor can be installed horizontally or inclined

The chain is driven with sprockets and horizontal flights to move the material

It has fixed or variable speed electronic drive transmissions

Made of hardened steel components for long product life


Drag Conveyor Applications

Since 2007, BOOTEC has been providing custom drag conveyors for a wide array of industries, including power and utilities, chemicals, agriculture, and construction. Our drag conveyors come in a wide variety of chains, liners, flight options, and drives that are specifically suited to withstand abrasion, corrosion, and extreme heat. Our industrial drag conveyors can be utilized for:


Bottom and fly ash



Wood chips

Sludge cake

Hot lime

They also fit a variety of classifications, including:


En-masse conveyors

Grit collectors


Submerged chain conveyors

Round bottom conveyors

When you partner with BOOTEC, we will meet with your engineers to discuss your specific bulk material conveyance needs and the area available for the drag conveyor. Once we understand your goals, our team will custom manufacture a conveyor that helps you accomplish them.

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