Plasma Furnace Slag Discharge System

Submerged chain conveyor features:
1. Cooling fuction for slag water
During the cooling process, Slag release not only 1400℃ to 60℃ heat, but more phase change heat from molten to solid state. It not only effects the operation environment, but also has the hidden danger to operator and strong corrosion to equipment. Slag water cannot be discharged directly due to it's hazardous waste, so a heat exchanger will be required to replace the heat.

2. Anti chloride ion corrosion
The chlorine ion concentration is high of slag hardening water. Our company has made professional treatment for chloride ion corrosion in slag conveyor.

3. Anti-bottom stacking design
As one kind of hard particles and big density , vitreous slag is easy to accumulate in the scraper bottom, which will be carried higher, leads to chains broken and other major malfuction, our company design with a "double restrict" chain, to prevent the occurrence of this malfuction.


Post time: Mar-27-2023