Global Service Capability

1. Response Speed: Ensure that customer problems and needs can be responded to and resolved in a short time. BOOTEC provides efficient customer service channels, optimizing customer service processes and improving the productivity of customer service teams.
2. Quality Standards: Ensure that the services and products provided by BOOTEC globally meet international quality standards, include ISO9001 international quality management systems and EN 1090 - Certification of Steel Structures international certifications,etc.
3.Customer's Supply Chain: BOOTEC has Sufficient inventory of spare parts and raw materials and provides “zero inventory” service for strategic customers.
4.Customer Cases: BOOTEC has supplied conveying systems and solutions to many countries, such as Finland, Spain,Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia,Thailand, etc. All the customers are very satisfied with our products and our service.
5. Multi-language Support: Provide customer service and support in multiple languages to better meet the needs of global customers. BOOTEC provides multilingual product and service information on the company website and has a professional multilingual customer service team.
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6.Cross-border Cooperation: Establish cooperative relationships with companies in other countries and regions to jointly provide customers with global services. BOOTEC would like to share resources, technology and market information, and jointly developing new products and services
7. Training And Development: Provide employees with international training and development opportunities to improve their competitiveness in the global market. BOOTEC provides cross-cultural communication training, international market knowledge and professional skills training.
8. Localization Services: Establish close cooperative relationships with local partners to better understand and meet the needs of the local market. BOOTEC always forms strategic partnerships with local business and also plans to set up local branches.
9.  Continuous Improvement: BOOTEC Continuously optimizes and improves global service capabilities to adapt to changing market needs and customer expectations. We regularly collect customer feedback and suggestions to continuously improve our service quality.