Boiler Ash Conveyor

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Boiler Ash Conveyor

Sifting conveyor transfers slag to sifting discharged from incinerator to slag hopper

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Boiler Ash Conveyor


Sifting conveyor transfers slag to sifting discharged from incinerator to slag hopper


Chain Conveyor, Drag Chain Conveyor, Scraper Conveyor, Trough Chain Conveyor, Buried Scraper Conveyer, En Masse Conveyor for Cement/Coal/Grain/Fertilizer/Soda



Basic Info.

Model NO.
Chain Conveyor
Chain Conveyor
Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Material Featur
Sturdy and Durable
According to Customer Requirements
Product Description

Drag Chain Conveyor is a conveying device for continuously conveying powder, granules and small pieces of granular materials in a closed casing by means of a moving scraper chain. Since the scraper chain is buried in the material to be conveyed, it is called a buried scraper conveyor. When transporting horizontally, the material is subjected to the thrust of the scraper chain in the running direction. The material is conveyed forward with the scraper chain to form a continuous overall material flow.
Drag Chain Conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, power plants, grain, mining, food and other industry.

General Technical Parameter:

Drag chain Conveyor Technical Specifications
Machine Item MS25 MS32 MS40 MS50 MS63 MS80
Chute Width(mm) 250 315 400 500 630 800
Capacity(t/h) 25/31.5 40/50 80/100 160/200 200/250 315/400
Max Conveying Distance(m) 50 50 50 50 50 50
Scrapper Chain Model 3002T 3002T 3003T 3003T 3003T 3003T
Allowable load(kn) 33.4 45 100 100 275 2100
Weight(kg/m) 13.87 15.36 25.34 25.34 47.6 52.32
Operating speed(m/s) 0.16/0.20/0.25/0.32


Product Details:


  1. The traction chain has high strength and can be used for long distance transportation.
  2. Processes such as sorting, drying, cooling or assembly can be performed during the transport process.
  3. Drag Chain Conveyor is simple structure,light weight,small volume and floor space. Easy to produce, install and maintain.
  4. Flexible layout, horizontal or incline conveying materials can be realized. Continuous operation, multi-point feed and discharge.
  5. Conveying airtight, dustproof, anti-virus, explosion-proof. Ambient temperatures of -20 to +45 °C.
  6. Drag Chain Conveyor is widely used in conveying powdery and granular materials, and can realize multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading.
  7. The Drag Chain Conveyor is reasonable in design, simple in structure, and small in cross-section, which can reduce the installation space.

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